Becoming a Confident Trainer


Confidence as a trainer comes from the knowledge that you are well prepared in your topic and the resources you’ll use to present your information. Confidence, is also understanding that an effective trainer is someone who presents in a professional manner, is an effective communicator and has developed an awareness of the learning needs of their learner group.

This course focuses on the more practical aspects of training and facilitation and will offer you some practical techniques, approaches, hints and suggestions that you may be able to apply to your own training environment.

Who is this course for?

This course is for those who are new to training, a subject matter expert that needs to train others or a trainer who is looking for new, more effective approaches to learning.

Course Aim

Whether you’re an experienced trainer or just starting out, this course aims to help you become a more confident and accomplished trainer.

  • Explain the importance of developing lesson plans
  • Explain how to analyze course information and list of participants
  • List and explain teaching methods
  • Develop an effective lesson plan
  • Explain what is involved in developing effective learning resources
  • Identify the necessary learning materials for a training program
  • Explain what is involved in effective training implementation
  • Plan to create effective learning environments
  • Plan to coordinate training courses effectively

Course Contents

  • What is Lesson Plan?
  • Understanding Training Course and Participants
  • Setting session Objectives
  • Listing Up Learning Topics
  • Selecting Teaching Methods
  • Determining Assessment Strategy
  • Necessary Items and Environments
  • How to Develop Effective Resources including PowerPoint Slides
  • Effective Support Materials
  • Creating a Positive Learning Environment
  • Classroom Set Up
  • Presentation and Facilitation Skills
  • Maximizing Participation
  • Effective Use of Icebreakers and Energizers and Excercises
  • Tips for Facilitation
  • Competencies for Facilitators

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