Contractor Safety Management


Inefficient, incomplete or inconsistent contractor management practices greatly increase the risk of costly delays, mistakes, and hazards to health, safety, equipment and the environment. At worst, they can lead to serious injury or fatality of workers and an irrevocably damaged corporate reputation. This online course on Contractor Management Systems will help companies reduce their risks by hiring the right contractor or service provider to do the job with the right equipment and the right plan in place to ensure safe, efficient work practices. These guidelines apply to all types of projects undertaken by small and medium companies in different sectors. Investing the time and effort required to adopt an industry consistent contractor management system makes good business sense.

This course is based on British guidelines and level of knowledge in this course is equivalent to NVQ/RQF level 3.

Who is this course for?

This course is for health and safety personnel tasked with facilitating cooperation on multiple employer work sites, procurement and purchasing personnel tasked with implementing an effective system to hire contractors or service providers, and managers required to monitor the performance of the contractors and service providers performing the contracted work. It is also suitable for auditors to act as a basis to develop a contractor management system audit.

Course Aim

After attending the course, the learner will:

  • Understand how to manage contractors to ensure compliance with health and safety
  • Be able to manage contractors to ensure compliance with health and safety

Course Contents

  • Benefits of contractor OHS management
  • Contractor OHS management process
  • Understanding the context
  • Understanding responsibilities
  • Establish monitoring systems
  • OHS management plan
  • Developing tenders
  • Pre-qualification assessments
  • Evaluation criteria for tenders and selection
  • Drafting contracts
  • Communication and reporting systems
  • Setting up the site
  • Induction and training systems
  • OHS monitoring
  • Contractor OHS performance review and record keeping

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