Scaffold Inspector


This Scaffold Inspector course is based on international standards and will help you gain an understanding of scaffolding construction for a construction/maintenance job. You will also learn about its different forms and components. The primary aim of this course is to ensure that employees who are responsible for the inspection of scaffolds, to expertly inspect these on quality and safety, according to current standards and regulations. In the case of a complex scaffold, it may be required to achieve additional competence as this course covers only design / inspection features of basic scaffold structures.

This course is based on OSHA guidelines.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for Supervisors, Engineers, Safety Specialists, Consultants and Health and Safety practitioners and all those who have responsibilities related to scaffold erection and/or inspection.

Course Aim

After attending the course, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify different types of scaffold
  • Conduct a visual inspection of scaffold before use
  • Conduct a physical inspection of scaffold before use
  • Identify unsafe/non-compliant scaffolds
  • Respond appropriately to the findings of a scaffold inspection.

Course Contents

  • Scaffold types
  • Scaffold capacity
  • Scaffold platform construction
  • Criteria for supported Scaffold
  • Criteria for suspension Scaffold
  • Scaffold access
  • Scaffold use
  • Fall protection
  • Falling object protection
  • Scaffold inspection and tagging

It is required that anyone enrolling in this course have previous knowledge of scaffolds through experience and/or trainings.

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